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Podcast / radio recording studio 1

Podcast #2: On Feminism, Facebook and Future-Archives

As we mentioned when recording our first podcast back in December, we at HTTP have long been planning to make them a regular feature of the website. Now, a mere four-and-a-half months later, we’re proud to present our second audio instalment!

Podcast / radio recording studio 2

HTTP Turns 1: Our First Anniversary Podcast

A year ago to the day, we at History to the Public made our first post excitedly announcing the launch of our project. In honour of this momentous occasion, Tiia, Simon, Muzaffar and Alex met up at University College London (UCL) to record a podcast discussing how the project began, how it’s changed over...

First World War Women Munition Workers. Source: The Guardian 0

Nothing More Than Photo-Opportunities?

Women’s Work and the First World War Arthur Marwick once argued that the First World War had an emancipatory and liberating effect on women. Since then, historians have revisited and revised this interpretation, arguing that the war was not transformative for women – the change, if any, was slight and...