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The Communist Table Tennis Conspiracy

On the 8th of November 1932, Major Valentine Vivian, head of MI6’s counter-espionage unit, received a curious message from his subordinates. The reason for the message, his staff noted, ‘will appear to you rather quaint.’ However quaint it may have seemed, it soon became clear that a communist plot was...

AP Photo, File, http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/04/08/wikileaks-cable-about-margaret-thatcher-calls-future-pm-frightfully-english-a-trifle-patronizing/ 0

Women in Politics: Margaret Thatcher’s Leadership in Context

Margaret Thatcher’s leadership as a woman is a very relevant and important area for historians to study, as it allows us to consider the continuity and change in women’s leadership over the course of the twentieth-century. As we might expect, much literature has been devoted to Thatcher’s pioneering, yet controversial...


Blog Launch – A Multidisciplinary History Blog Project

On Wednesday, December 10, the HTTP (History to the Public) blog was officially launched during our first meeting at UCL. Together as a team, we finally met each other face-to-face and began to discuss our goals for this project. As students from various countries, disciplines, backgrounds, and universities we hope...