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Professor Tux in the library 1

Professor Penguin? Linux for Academic Historians

The Linux operating system has long been a favourite of computer scientists, security professionals, hackers and server administrators, but those working in the humanities have mostly remained oblivious to its advantages. The system has a great deal to offer the historian, however: philosophically, practically and (crucially) financially. It is in...


How do you organise your research?

Are you organising your research efficiently? This question may come up more rarely than not, but it is something all researchers ought to think about actively. Are you organising your source material in the most effective way? Even if you have an amazing filing system (or lackthereof), it is always...

The Markdown Mark by Dustin Curtis. 2

An Introduction to Markdown

A constant challenge for early career researchers and seasoned academics alike is the need to develop more efficient academic writing habits. Experimenting with new software and writing tools is a central part of this process, with plain text writing methods becoming increasingly popular. It is possible, however, for such experimentation...