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History as theatre

Last term, I co-directed a play entitled ‘The Cambridge Companion to the History of Lesbianism’. Working from a discarded dissertation idea, I led a team of researchers in uncovering a wealth of historical material about the lives of lesbians and same-sex desire between women in British history. Working on this...


The Forgotten History of Women’s Football

This summer, England’s women’s football team competed in the European Championships. As the Women’s Super League has grown in recent years, recently receiving a cash injection intended to double participation by 2018, the profile of women’s history has risen. European championship games were made available to stream on Channel 4’s...


LGBT+ Public History: ‘Queering’ Museums and Archives

As explored in Jack’s introductory article, the history of sexuality is a problematic endeavour. The historical contingency of sexual identities renders quests to ‘reclaim’ an LGBT+ past problematic. In an attempt to avoid imposing the categories of gender and sexuality of our contemporary world onto the past, historians have focused...