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Rhoda Dawson: The Story of an UNRRA Welfare Worker

When the war ended in 1945, Rhoda Dawson was 47 years old. She already had considerable experience of welfare work throughout the war but had concluded that it was ‘not my thing at all’. However, after being shamed into applying for the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA), having...


National Redefinitions Amid Shifting Boundaries: The German–Polish Border in Context

Unsurprisingly, the establishment of the new German–Polish border at Potsdam in 1945 had a lasting and inflammatory impact on relations between the two peoples. More profound, however, was the way in which it shaped the internal political and social development of both Poland and the emergent German Democratic Republic (GDR)....


‘Could I offer my child a better life?’: Russian-Jewish Immigration to Germany

Career perspectives, social security, a higher standard of living: these are just some of the reasons why around 120,000 Russian Jews left their homeland and migrated to Germany in the 1990s. As explained in the interview with Isaak B. published on HTTP earlier this year, this immigration was the result...