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‘Could I offer my child a better life?’: Russian-Jewish Immigration to Germany

Career perspectives, social security, a higher standard of living: these are just some of the reasons why around 120,000 Russian Jews left their homeland and migrated to Germany in the 1990s. As explained in the interview with Isaak B. published on HTTP earlier this year, this immigration was the result...

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What is Oral History?

‘Oral history is as old as the first recorded history and as new as the latest digital recorder.’ These are the first words of the ‘Oxford Handbook on Oral History’ which forecasts the transformation of this discipline throughout time. Following conversations with his contemporaries, in 431 BC, Thucydides famously recited...


The Belfast Project: oral history’s chance to grow up

Students of either Irish or oral history are probably already aware of the controversy and rancour surrounding the Boston College oral history project investigating the Northern Irish Troubles. The affair has been simmering in the media for over three years, with new details regularly emerging of the mistakes made by...