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Historic preservation and memory

While History to the Public has dedicated May to examining the connections between history and memory, in the United States, May is designated as Preservation Month. Preservation Month was established in 1973 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the month is used as an opportunity by communities all...


Saudade: Exploring Memory through Film

We are opening Memory Month with a short film by two graduate students from the University of Porto entitled Saudade. This film tells the story of Ana Pereira, whose parents migrated to Australia from Portugal. Ana has always been fascinated by photographs and curious about her heritage. After discovering a...


Slippery Historical Sources: Social Media, Holocaust Memory and Instagram

Instagram has approximately 13,400 photos under the hashtag “#holocaustmuseum”. This might seem arbitrary, but most of these images are the subject of my historical research. Professionally, I have labelled myself in several ways – as a public historian, a Holocaust scholar, and as a historian of social media. All of...