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An exciting egg

Material culture enables historians to consider critically how courts engaged with diverse audiences. The court existed in multiple forms: as a familial home, social space, and political construct. Rulers were often less concerned with propaganda and more with their ‘fama’, namely their long-term glory and reputation, as opposed to outright...


A New Way To Display Material Culture

While our way of arranging objects has changed over time, people’s fascination with things has always led to displays of material culture. During the Renaissance, wealthy men in Europe curated “cabinets of curiosities,” (also called Wunderkammer, or Cabinets of Wonder) usually full of findings from the natural world such as...


Reading Cemeteries

In the postmodern world, one dies alone – away from the eyes of society at large. The emergence of ‘memory cultures’ seems to have marked the end of historically shaped ‘grief cultures’. Burial traditions have taken on new forms that reflect contemporary attitudes, needs and fears. However, in earlier times, dying represented an...