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Gertrude Stein: More Than a Literary Eccentric

According to scholar Michael Hoffman, Gertrude Stein is considered by most people to be the “chief modern literary eccentric.” Although a prolific early 20th century author, Stein is known more as a personality of her time than specifically as a writer. However, her sometimes overlooked writings offer insight into her...


The Day Human Character Changed

On or about June 2016, human character changed, and I finally understood the meaning of postmodernism. When I emerged from the Underground at Tottenham Court Road, navigating the sea of black umbrellas towards the British Museum, I felt it. There was a hush, a heightened British reserve, as the men...


What to do With an English Degree or Two

A few weeks ago, my undergraduate professor asked me to speak at a departmental event on what I had done with my English degrees. I had to laugh – for the past year and a half, I had done nothing remotely related. I had taken the classic detour from researcher...