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Book Review: Michael Brenner’s Israel

Is Israel a state like any other? This is the controversial question that the famous German historian of Jewish history, Michael Brenner, has set out to answer in his latest book Israel. As you would expect, the history of Israel is highly contentious – prone to excessive politicisation, polemical debate...


Historical Sightseeing in Today’s Warsaw

Warsaw, like Berlin, is one of those cities where you cannot ignore the recent past. Nearly razed to the ground during World War II, rebuilt in haste under Soviet rule and now buzzing with shops, cafés and restaurants, modern history is all around. But what do today’s tourists actually see...


‘Could I offer my child a better life?’: Russian-Jewish Immigration to Germany

Career perspectives, social security, a higher standard of living: these are just some of the reasons why around 120,000 Russian Jews left their homeland and migrated to Germany in the 1990s. As explained in the interview with Isaak B. published on HTTP earlier this year, this immigration was the result...