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Lost Worlds: Reviving Nostalgia for German Central Europe?

Whether it is remembered as the ‘lost German East’ or as an idealised, multicultural region like Galicia, Germans and Austrians have a complicated relationship with Central Europe. As the locus of German culture and crimes, Austrian and German nostalgia for German Central Europe is often regarded with suspicion — if...


Cleaning house: the German expulsion from postwar Poland and the consolidation of communist rule

As part of the more general dismemberment of the former German Reich at the end of the Second World War, several eastern German territories (East Prussia and Upper Silesia, along with most of Lower Silesia and parts of Brandenburg and Pomerania) were transferred to Poland by the Potsdam agreements of...


The resonance of ruins: postwar German rubble discourse in the Trümmerzeit

The Trümmerzeit, or ‘rubble era’, is a term used in German historiography to define that period of ‘“sluggish and murky transitions”’ between the collapse of the Third Reich and Germany’s subsequent division during the Cold War. Germany was intact for the present, and its history and fate were still considered those...