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History as theatre

Last term, I co-directed a play entitled ‘The Cambridge Companion to the History of Lesbianism’. Working from a discarded dissertation idea, I led a team of researchers in uncovering a wealth of historical material about the lives of lesbians and same-sex desire between women in British history. Working on this...


Review of the Japanese drama We Married as a Job!

Cherish Watton recently published an insightful piece on the representation of gender dynamics in the ITV historical drama, Victoria. Although I have not yet watched the drama, Cherish argues that Victoria is a nostalgic work rather than a historical documentary. In other words, the compromised representation of Queen Victoria as...

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American Women and the Workplace Post-1945

Women’s social roles in America continued to undergo significant transformations after the Seond World War, particularly in regards to the workplace. This article explores how both single and married American women consolidated and increased their participation in the workforce post-1945. World War Two Women’s increased workforce participation in the Second...