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Review of the Japanese drama We Married as a Job!

Cherish Watton recently published an insightful piece on the representation of gender dynamics in the ITV historical drama, Victoria. Although I have not yet watched the drama, Cherish argues that Victoria is a nostalgic work rather than a historical documentary. In other words, the compromised representation of Queen Victoria as...


Celebrate Women’s History Month with HTTP

To celebrate the start of Women’s History Month, HTTP posters collaboratively consider why women’s history and Gender Studies are useful analytic tools for historians today and what challenges and opportunities the disciplines pose when communicating history to the public. Joan Scott and Judith Butler open up new modes of thinking...

First World War Women Munition Workers. Source: The Guardian 0

Nothing More Than Photo-Opportunities?

Women’s Work and the First World War Arthur Marwick once argued that the First World War had an emancipatory and liberating effect on women. Since then, historians have revisited and revised this interpretation, arguing that the war was not transformative for women – the change, if any, was slight and...