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Fomenting Political Violence: Phantasy, Language, Media, Action

During an intensive two-day conference, speakers and audience delved into the deep layers of what lies at the heart of political violence. This interactive event was organised by Steffen Krueger (lecturer at the Department of Media and Communication at Oslo University), Karl Figlio (Prof. Emeritus at the Centre for Psychoanalytic...


Belonging and Transgression Conference Presentation

Belonging and Transgressions: History to the Public Tiia, Simon, Holly and Cherish represented the History to the Public team at the UCL ‘Belonging and Transgression’ conference held in London at the end of June. Here we share a summary of key points from our presentation, which looked at the benefits...


The Myth of Galicia: “A Sweet Injection Into Your Mind”

For those of you who are wondering what Galicia is… Galicia no longer exists. As a province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it disappeared from the map following the dissolution of the Danube Monarchy in 1918. But it has not been erased from contemporary collective memory and consciousness, nor from the...