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Exploring the Cold War via Video Games

Using the Cold War as a theme in video games is nothing new. It has been used as a backdrop for PC games since at least the mid-1980s, and continues to be a popular trope today. The majority of games using the war as source material are strategy games, unsurprisingly,...


Feeling the Cold War

When you think of the Cold War, you probably picture ballistic missiles stationed in Cuba, the legendary ‘red telephone’ linking Washington and Moscow, or possibly the Berlin Wall. However, even during the Cold War, these were metaphors for something much bigger and far removed from most people’s everyday lives and...


The Spectre of the Gun: Star Trek and the Cold War

It is to be hoped that the premise, influence and sheer appeal of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek need little introduction. The franchise, chronicling the exploratory and diplomatic adventures of various starship crews, has enjoyed phenomenal success largely due to its optimistic, uplifting portrayal of the future—a welcome change from the...