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What exactly is populism?

In the past six months the political status quo has been questioned in both the UK and the US. Many in the US were shocked that Trump, a populist rightwinger, won the electoral college vote. In the UK, Remainers were incredulous over Leavers winning the Brexit vote, which illustrated how...


Anti-intellectualism at the Heart of British National Identity

‘I think people in this country have had enough of experts’, proclaimed prominent Leave campaigner Michael Gove in a live Q&A session during the recent Brexit debate in the UK. This statement became the most notorious example of what Dominic Shellard, Vice-Chancellor of De Montfort University, criticized as the ‘pernicious...


The Day Human Character Changed

On or about June 2016, human character changed, and I finally understood the meaning of postmodernism. When I emerged from the Underground at Tottenham Court Road, navigating the sea of black umbrellas towards the British Museum, I felt it. There was a hush, a heightened British reserve, as the men...