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HTTP Turns 2: Making HTTP Great Again

Yesterday our blog turned two! If it was a child, it would be asking “Why?” all the time; be able to walk, run, and jump with both feet; and, most importantly, climb furniture (instead, we have Muz for that). Last year, we were still learning how to crawl. As a...

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Researching the Hitler Youth generation

What is it like to be researching the Hitler Youth generation? I’m two years into my PhD; I’ve written and re-written around 45,000 words at this point. I’m approaching the halfway point of the thesis (say what?!). Whenever my friends or family ask me what I’m doing/what I think I’m...

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Podcast #2: On Feminism, Facebook and Future-Archives

As we mentioned when recording our first podcast back in December, we at HTTP have long been planning to make them a regular feature of the website. Now, a mere four-and-a-half months later, we’re proud to present our second audio instalment!


The Communist Table Tennis Conspiracy

On the 8th of November 1932, Major Valentine Vivian, head of MI6’s counter-espionage unit, received a curious message from his subordinates. The reason for the message, his staff noted, ‘will appear to you rather quaint.’ However quaint it may have seemed, it soon became clear that a communist plot was...


LaTeX: a scientist’s trade secret to writing

This article aims to let historians into a little trade secret for writing kept by scientists—LaTeX. LaTeX, pronounced «Lah-tech» or «Lay-tech», is a popular document preparation system and document markup language. In a similar vein to our previous History to the Public article on Markdown, this article will serve as...

The Markdown Mark by Dustin Curtis. 2

An Introduction to Markdown

A constant challenge for early career researchers and seasoned academics alike is the need to develop more efficient academic writing habits. Experimenting with new software and writing tools is a central part of this process, with plain text writing methods becoming increasingly popular. It is possible, however, for such experimentation...