Revolutionising the bibliography and long documents, a LaTeX guide

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  1.' Maïeul says:

    There is a French book about LaTeX and humanities : It does not talk about chicago styles, because we don’t use it a lot in France, but it speak a lot about biblatex.

    • Very interesting, I will have to check out your book.

      Luckily BibLaTeX creates a framework for bibliographies rather than tying you to a specific style. Here I chose Chicago Manual of Style for this guide mainly because I needed an example style, and not because I expect everyone to use it.

      Coming from a scientific background I am having to learning which styles are used in the humanities. I have been informed that Chicago Manual of Style is heavily used in the States, whilst the predominant style in the UK is MHRA. Unfortunately, I’m yet to find a complete MHRA BibLaTeX style. Maybe I will work on creating one at some point in the future.

      Which BibLaTeX style do you use in France?

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