Referencing and working with bibliographies in Markdown: the recommended method

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  1.' Steve says:

    You can do much better than this and bypass the need to export to an .odt file. Install the better bibtex zotero plugin to export your zotero library to a library.bib file. Then select pandoc citations from within zotero’s quick cite options and paste those into your Scrivener Markdown. Export your Scrivener to and run pandoc –filter pandoc-citeproc –bibliography library.bib

    • Simon Coll says:

      Evening, Steve – and thanks so much for getting in touch! I’ve never tried the better bibtex plugin for Zotero, but I have played around with pandoc’s citeproc before. The main reason I stopped using it was that it seemed to introduce too many formatting errors into the citations, at least with the CSL files I was using – and I use the fairly commonplace MHRA style, so nothing too obscure. I’ve always had better results, that required less tidying up afterwards, with the styles packaged with the Zotero word processor plugins, so when I came across the ODF scan option, I gave up on BibTeX altogether for the time being. It may well be that the style files have improved a lot since then, mind – maybe I should take another look…

      On an only semi-related note, I’d be massively interested to hear about your experiences with Scrivener – it’s a program I’ve only dabbled with up to now, but I’ve wanted to try building it into my workflow for ages (I do most of my writing in Sublime Text at the moment). Do you use it for both your academic and non-academic writing, for instance? How useful have you found it at the planning/resource gathering stage of a project?

      Anyhow, many thanks again for the comment!


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