An interview with Liam Hogan (@Limerick1914)

Encountering and Refuting Misrepresentations of the Past Online, an interview with Liam Hogan With the advent of social media, sharing, discussing and absorbing historical knowledge has become easier than ever before. Conversely, the internet has incubated new ways to misrepresent the past and facilitated the wide dissemination of historical narratives...

The Markdown Mark by Dustin Curtis. 2

An Introduction to Markdown

A constant challenge for early career researchers and seasoned academics alike is the need to develop more efficient academic writing habits. Experimenting with new software and writing tools is a central part of this process, with plain text writing methods becoming increasingly popular. It is possible, however, for such experimentation...


Chinese Historical Television Show Censorship in Social Media

In recent months, the historical television drama The Empress of China (武媚娘傳奇) has gained popularity in mainland China. The series tells the story of the only empress in Chinese history as well as her male concubines whom she acquired in her later reign. What makes the TV series a heated...


Historical Memorialisation of Nazi ‘Euthanasia’ Victims

The memorialisation of the mass ‘euthanisation’ of mentally and physically ill people in Obrawalde, in what is today in Miedzyrzecz (formerly Meseritz), Poland brings forth questions of memorialisation, traumascapes, and re-utilisation of places of trauma. At Obrawalde, an estimated 18,000 mentally and physically ill people were murdered through the Nazi ‘euthanasia’ programme. This brings forth the important question: what should we memorialise?


Blog Launch – A Multidisciplinary History Blog Project

On Wednesday, December 10, the HTTP (History to the Public) blog was officially launched during our first meeting at UCL. Together as a team, we finally met each other face-to-face and began to discuss our goals for this project. As students from various countries, disciplines, backgrounds, and universities we hope...