Mission Statement

History to the Public (HTTP) is a multidisciplinary history blog that focuses on sharing, learning, and disseminating information using social media, digital humanities projects, and blogging. Early career historians want to share their research and their interests with the general public, but do not always know how or where to start.

This blog provides a solution to that problem. We provide a platform and usable skill set to help other students make their way through the digital landscape of today’s humanities subjects. We also hope to foster a network of academics from multiple countries and disciplines, allowing them to find one another and support each other’s research. Nevertheless, our main focus is on building a bridge between the academic world and the general public. To do this, we aim to write in an accessible format and to engage with current topics.

This blog aims to

  • Bring together resources about history to a wider audience, not just those based in academia
  • Share skills and tips in navigating the digital age through collaboration
  • Provide a place of knowledge transfer between people from all walks of life
  • Create a community of researchers who are passionate about public history

Anybody can contribute to this project—either by following us on social media (@HTTPhistory or on Facebook) or getting in contact with us about writing for the blog.

You do not have to be an academic or even a graduate history student—a strong interest and commitment to diligent research are enough! Know a lot about blogging or coding? Send us your guides!