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Teaching Summer School Students

This summer I am helping to teach a university-level class on the history of medicine in America. Such a broad class necessitates large topics for each session such as “hospitals,” “disease,” and “diagnosis.” The class is small, fourteen students, and is largely composed of advanced high school students around age...


From History to Marketing!

Humble Beginnings When I was growing up (I know, I know, I’m 24 and still a child), I was fascinated by history. My eldest sister brought me the complete Horrible Science box-set, and not even that was enough to stop me from reading the Horrible Histories at my school library....


What to do With an English Degree or Two

A few weeks ago, my undergraduate professor asked me to speak at a departmental event on what I had done with my English degrees. I had to laugh – for the past year and a half, I had done nothing remotely related. I had taken the classic detour from researcher...