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Coding for Historians

Historians spend hours and hours in front of computer screens and paper sources from other centuries trying to create a cohesive narrative. Mostly we use Microsoft Word to write down our ideas and browse the internet for information. But our computers can offer us way more than that. We may not...

Writing the Blog Article 0

Public engagement through blogging: a historian’s guide

Blogging: why blog? It has become increasingly easy, but also increasingly important for academics to get their written word distributed to a wide audience. Getting your written work read is is a means of improving your intellectual standing among your peers, a way of improving your writing and your job application....

The Markdown Mark by Dustin Curtis. 2

An Introduction to Markdown

A constant challenge for early career researchers and seasoned academics alike is the need to develop more efficient academic writing habits. Experimenting with new software and writing tools is a central part of this process, with plain text writing methods becoming increasingly popular. It is possible, however, for such experimentation...