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The View from our House: A Comment

Erika is young and fun-loving. She has a boyfriend, a brother and reptiles as pets. She lives in a big, suburban family house in a nice area. She likes to watch the world. She takes photos. Pictures of her show a young girl with a contagious smile and a cheeky...


Cinema and History: Leisure Meets Politics

Although the value of film as a primary historical source has long been recognised, especially in light of progress made in digitization techniques, such material is often overlooked in favour of ‘traditional’ documents. With the growth of cinema as a popular leisure time activity from the beginning of the 20th...


Lore (2012) film review

Lore (2012) is a film that is not only highly emotive, but that also raises unsettling questions. Lore (also the name of the main character) takes us into Germany in early May 1945, as the Allied forces conquer the country and divide it into four sectors. Lore’s family hastily packs...


Suffragette: A Review

Why does it matter if women have the right to vote? The film Suffragette (2015) tells the story of East London women’s struggle for the vote. Carey Mulligan plays Maud Watts, who finds herself at the heart of the Suffragette organisation. This is where public history and film meet—but have...


The Atomic Bomb turns 70, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Today, and on August 9, we remember the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in all their devastation and the long term effects of radiation poisoning. A former British Army soldier (name removed for anonymity) reflected on the bombings, stating, “They were the best thing that could have happened to...


The Third Crusade: The Fight for the Kingdom of Heaven

In 1187 Outremer (the collective lands conquered by the crusaders) experienced its first major loss since Edessa in 1147 – the loss of Jerusalem at the hands of Saladin. Jerusalem was the primary aim of the First Crusade, and after this event would be the cause of all subsequent major...