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Towns Established by Former Slaves in Antebellum US

Much has changed since the end of the United States Civil War (1861-1865). Today marks the 150th anniversary of the war. Towns established by former slaves, a legacy of the civil war, are slowly dying out as a result of constant urbanisation and not enough knowledge of how to preserve minority historical heritage. These towns should and must be preserved as part of the history of the aftermath of the war.


The Belfast Project: oral history’s chance to grow up

Students of either Irish or oral history are probably already aware of the controversy and rancour surrounding the Boston College oral history project investigating the Northern Irish Troubles. The affair has been simmering in the media for over three years, with new details regularly emerging of the mistakes made by...


Historical Memorialisation of Nazi ‘Euthanasia’ Victims

The memorialisation of the mass ‘euthanisation’ of mentally and physically ill people in Obrawalde, in what is today in Miedzyrzecz (formerly Meseritz), Poland brings forth questions of memorialisation, traumascapes, and re-utilisation of places of trauma. At Obrawalde, an estimated 18,000 mentally and physically ill people were murdered through the Nazi ‘euthanasia’ programme. This brings forth the important question: what should we memorialise?