Wenqing Peng


Translator and author


English, BA; Translation, MA

Current Study:

PhD Candidate (SISU,UCL)

Research Topic:

Translation Studies of Ancient Chinese Historical Novels

Research Interests:

Ancient Chinese History

Title of Dissertation:

Translating Three Kingdoms

About Me:

I am quite interested in translating ancient Chinese literature and researching into the history of China.

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Illustration of scene from 'The Painted Skin' in 'Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio' 0

Translating Chinese Works (2): Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio

On 17th August 2017, The Economist published a commentary on China’s recent revival of its traditional culture, a trend enthusiastically sponsored by the government. Alongside schemes and events such as calligraphy summer schools, this is also leading to the greater promotion of research into the translation of Chinese literature. As...


Dream of the Red Chamber: Translating Chinese Literature

From the 1950s to the 1970s, many translation projects of Chinese works were supported by the authority of mainland China. Translators and western experts were invited to join these projects. Among them was a very well-known translator: Yang Xianyi (杨宪益). Over the course of his career, Yang contributed more than...


Proposal: Male control? Definitely not!

This summer in Rio, during the medal ceremony for female 3-metre diving, the Olympic athlete Qin Kai proposed to his teammate and girlfriend He Zi. Watching this, I felt I finally understood the meaning of the word “romance”. Almost the whole world got excited about the romantic proposal, as seen...


Cao Cao: A Villain Hero

As a young girl reading the classic Chinese novel San Guo Yan Yi (三国演义) I always felt great sympathy for Liu Bei, the leader of the Shu-Han kingdom. The novel depicts the battles and adventures of heroes in the Three States Period (208-220 AD) and, as a result of author Luo...


Secret Art on Table Tennis Balls and Calabash

If you had a table tennis ball or a small calabash to hand, what would you do with them? You’d probably  bounce the ball against the wall or float the calabash in a pool – but would you try painting with them? As the above picture demonstrates, it’s a breathtaking...


Wang Yangming Part II: A Military Strategist

Most people, if you ask them what they did at age fifteen, would probably list studying, playing sports, or trying their luck with the opposite sex. If you ask one particular Chinese man from the Ming dynasty however, the story gets better. At age fifteen, this person skipped school and headed...


Chinese Empresses in the USA

While Twilight and Gossip Girl have become increasingly popular in China, a well-known Chinese TV drama, Empresses in the Palace (后宫·甄嬛传), was also introduced to American audiences this past March. The show was made available exclusively on Netflix, but the low ratings that followed were a shock: it received a...


The Art of In-betweenness (间)

As I said in another post on the Ming exhibition at the British Museum, it is not surprising that misinterpretations of ancient Chinese culture and inventions sometimes occur. This is not due to inadequate knowledge, but mostly due to the positionality of the viewer. One is prone to see what...