Muzaffar Bhatti


Writer, Engagement Editor


BA in History

Current Study:

MA in Crusader Studies

Research Topic:


Research Interests:

While my primary focus are the Crusades I enjoy a few modern history topics. My undergraduate dissertation focused on the aftermath of the French Revolution.

Title of Dissertation:

(MA) The Nature of the Relationship Between Al-Adil Sayf-al-Din and Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub

About Me:

Currently a MA student who fell in love with the Crusades quite early on. I’ve always taken an interest in history as an idea. For me and history it has been a gradual but steady love affair. When I discovered HTTP I jumped at the chance to join, I love working with everyone involved; we help each other grow. My next step? Publishing.

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LGBT in Medieval Islam

Contrary to popular belief, Islam has not always had a strained relationship with the LGBT community. In fact, during the medieval period the Muslim community was rather tolerating and accepting in this regard. It is definitely telling that homosexual relationships involving  high-ranking officials (rulers, generals etc.) were the subject of...


Let’s Talk About Studying, Baby!

Do you find that quite often you’re unable to study for unknown reasons? Always distracted? Struggle to prioritise? Then look no further as History to the Public has heeded your call. As students ourselves we have literally ‘been there, done that’. In fact we’re still there, and we’re still doing...


From History to Marketing!

Humble Beginnings When I was growing up (I know, I know, I’m 24 and still a child), I was fascinated by history. My eldest sister brought me the complete Horrible Science box-set, and not even that was enough to stop me from reading the Horrible Histories at my school library....


HTTP Turns 2: Making HTTP Great Again

Yesterday our blog turned two! If it was a child, it would be asking “Why?” all the time; be able to walk, run, and jump with both feet; and, most importantly, climb furniture (instead, we have Muz for that). Last year, we were still learning how to crawl. As a...


Islamic Sources and the Crusades: An Incomplete Picture?

The First Crusade set the course for the relationship between Christians and Muslims for the following two centuries. Yet, we have few sources on these expeditions as they are heavily one-sided. Much of what is known of the First Crusade comes from Christian sources, as the Muslim chroniclers did not...

Word Count 2

Word Counts: A Necessary Evil?

Ever since college, word count has been something to be concerned with; it was softly introduced during my A-Levels and hit me hard when I entered university. Ranging anywhere from 1300 to 5000 words, these word counts were a real shock to the system. I know what you are all...

Podcast / radio recording studio 1

Podcast #2: On Feminism, Facebook and Future-Archives

As we mentioned when recording our first podcast back in December, we at HTTP have long been planning to make them a regular feature of the website. Now, a mere four-and-a-half months later, we’re proud to present our second audio instalment!


HTTPers Conclude Women’s History Month

We want to reflect back on the posts and related events during Women’s History Month by answering the following questions: What have we learnt? How has it affected our understanding of historical topics? What can we take from it to make history move forward? Gaelle: What strikes me is the...


Celebrate Women’s History Month with HTTP

To celebrate the start of Women’s History Month, HTTP posters collaboratively consider why women’s history and Gender Studies are useful analytic tools for historians today and what challenges and opportunities the disciplines pose when communicating history to the public. Joan Scott and Judith Butler open up new modes of thinking...