Maurice Casey




English Literature and History B.A.

Current Study:

English Literature and History B.A.

Research Topic:

Fellow Travellers of Soviet Communism

Title of Dissertation:

Irish Nationalist perceptions of the Soviet Union

About Me:

I'm originally from Tipperary, but I have lived in Dublin for the past four years while completing my undergraduate degree in English Literature and History.

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The Communist Table Tennis Conspiracy

On the 8th of November 1932, Major Valentine Vivian, head of MI6’s counter-espionage unit, received a curious message from his subordinates. The reason for the message, his staff noted, ‘will appear to you rather quaint.’ However quaint it may have seemed, it soon became clear that a communist plot was...


What’s a Book Worth?

‘What’s A Book Worth’ a brainchild of Mathew Lyons is a campaign attempting to re-realisation the worth of books. The team at HTTP (History to the Public) decided to get involved as well because everyone on the team loves books. A discussion of what is a book worth occurred in our...


“A Convenient Stick With Which to Beat the West”: Northern Ireland Under Soviet Eyes

A 1981 ‘Pravda’ article discusses the H-Block hunger strikes The Northern Irish Troubles present a complex narrative to historians. The histories of all sides in the conflict are resplendent with injustices and obfuscations. Yet for contemporary correspondents of anti-Western states, from Tehran to Moscow, the story was tragically simple: a minority...


A Journey Through Bosnia’s Unwanted Past

Tim Butcher, in a travelogue of his journey through Bosnia in the footsteps of the famed assassin Gabrilo Princip, writes ‘History teaches us that it is on the margins that the greatest change often happens.’  Bosnia and Herzegovina, to use its elongated title, is in many senses located on the...


Parallels of the 2015 Marriage Equality Referendum and Irish LGBTQ Activism in the 70s and 80s

Gays Against Imperialism, a small group of radical activists, 1984. In the history of LGBT activism in Ireland, RTÉ’s The Late Late Show is perhaps best remembered for the ‘back passages incident.’ In a 1989 televised debate, the show’s host Gay Byrne responded to an evangelical Christian horrified at the idea...


What’s in an Archive?

‘The archive,’ writes Michel Foucault, ‘is the first law of what can be written.’ In Ireland, where historical events play out in contemporary politics and collective memory is evoked in the street names of every city and town, even the primary materials we use to write history become politicised. The...


An interview with Liam Hogan (@Limerick1914)

Encountering and Refuting Misrepresentations of the Past Online, an interview with Liam Hogan With the advent of social media, sharing, discussing and absorbing historical knowledge has become easier than ever before. Conversely, the internet has incubated new ways to misrepresent the past and facilitated the wide dissemination of historical narratives...