Janine Noack




MPhil Modern European History

Current Study:


Research Topic:

The History of Computing in German military

Research Interests:

History of Technology, History of Computing, Cold War history, German History

Title of Dissertation:

The History of Computing in German military



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Coding for Historians

Historians spend hours and hours in front of computer screens and paper sources from other centuries trying to create a cohesive narrative. Mostly we use Microsoft Word to write down our ideas and browse the internet for information. But our computers can offer us way more than that. We may not...


Blog Launch – A Multidisciplinary History Blog Project

On Wednesday, December 10, the HTTP (History to the Public) blog was officially launched during our first meeting at UCL. Together as a team, we finally met each other face-to-face and began to discuss our goals for this project. As students from various countries, disciplines, backgrounds, and universities we hope...