Gaëlle Fisher


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BA, MA, PhD University College London

Research Topic:

German and Central European History; Romanian History; Holocaust Studies and Holocaust Memory; Memory Studies and Public History

About Me:

I am currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Center for Holocaust Studies at the Institute for Contemporary History in Munich

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Fashion under Nazism

For the last few months, the textile museum in the Bavarian town of Augsburg has been showing an exhibition about fashion under Nazism, from 1933 to 1945. Entitled Glanz und Grauen (“Splendour and Terror”), it aims to explore the particularities of clothing design, production and use in the Third Reich....


The Land of the Post-Modern

The Pole Andrzej Stasiuk and the Ukrainian Juri Andruchowycz, both born in 1960, are two of the most read contemporary writers from Central and Eastern Europe. Their works have been translated into many languages and they have close contacts in the West, particularly Germany. At first glance, their success seems...


Interpreting Perpetrators

A recent interdisciplinary workshop at UCL, organised by the IAS Centre for Collective Violence, Holocaust and Genocide Studies and funded by the Octagon Small Grants Fund, entitled Interpreting Perpetrators aimed to shed light on some of the issues related to understanding, studying and representing perpetrators. The discussions were based on...

Visitors at the gate of the Auschwitz Memorial and Museum in Oswiecim, Poland 0

Dark Tourism: Concept and Limitations

Recently, there has been a surge in interest in the phenomenon of dark tourism. A large upcoming conference in Glasgow along with many recent publications on the subject provide ample evidence of this phenomenon. Those studying the subject would argue this is a response to the growth and development in...


The View from our House: A Comment

Erika is young and fun-loving. She has a boyfriend, a brother and reptiles as pets. She lives in a big, suburban family house in a nice area. She likes to watch the world. She takes photos. Pictures of her show a young girl with a contagious smile and a cheeky...


Book Review: Michael Brenner’s Israel

Is Israel a state like any other? This is the controversial question that the famous German historian of Jewish history, Michael Brenner, has set out to answer in his latest book Israel. As you would expect, the history of Israel is highly contentious – prone to excessive politicisation, polemical debate...


HTTP Turns 2: Making HTTP Great Again

Yesterday our blog turned two! If it was a child, it would be asking “Why?” all the time; be able to walk, run, and jump with both feet; and, most importantly, climb furniture (instead, we have Muz for that). Last year, we were still learning how to crawl. As a...


Feeling the Cold War

When you think of the Cold War, you probably picture ballistic missiles stationed in Cuba, the legendary ‘red telephone’ linking Washington and Moscow, or possibly the Berlin Wall. However, even during the Cold War, these were metaphors for something much bigger and far removed from most people’s everyday lives and...