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Chloé is a PhD student in History at the university of Cambridge working on the intellectual history of Lebanon.

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Intellectual history for beginners 0

Intellectual History for Beginners

This article is intended for graduate students and young researchers who have just started to take an interest in intellectual history or are considering dipping their toe into the subject. This is neither a scholarly article nor a condensed lesson on the subject; this article simply highlights the necessary preliminary...


Kamal Jumblatt’s Intellectual Itinerary

Kamal Jumblatt is best known for being an important leftist leader in Lebanon and the head of its Druze community, a minority religious group generally considered a branch of Shia Islam. From 1943 to 1977, he was elected deputy for the Chouf district in Mount Lebanon, and as a minister...

Iman Khalifeh 0

Who was Imane Khalifeh, the Unsung Peacemaker of the Lebanese Civil War?

Since March is Women’s History Month, what better time of year to write a piece highlighting the contributions of pioneering women without risking being branded an undercover feminist agent? There is a huge debate on the definition of feminism and its concepts, but most importantly, Women’s History Month reminds us...