Guidelines for Contributors

While we are generally open to all topic proposals as long as they link themselves to some historical time period, here is a general list of guidelines for our writers:

  • Articles should aim to be anywhere from 500 to 800 words; we accept longer articles as well (absolute max is 3,000), as long as the editors find them engaging and difficult to cut shorter.
  • Articles should be written as newspaper articles or feature articles. All the important information should be found within the first few sentences, as this is the hook for the reader to continue reading. The rest of the article should ideally follow the pyramid of importance, but this is sometimes difficult to follow because of topic nature and history writing.
  • We strive to make sure that we have all our sources put onto the Zotero folder that HTTP shares together. We do this so that not only our readers can easily cite our references, but so that we share references also within the team.
  • Tone of the articles should be semi-formal, but may be more natural and fluid in tone than academic work. Avoid using lesser known words, aim for direct engagement with the reader.
  • Keep in mind that the article is written for someone who may not know anything about your topic.
  • Enjoy what you are writing about!