A visit to Dachau: managing the past in the present

  • IMG_2323
    Houses in the town of Dachau
  • IMG_2324
    Sign at the entrance of the memorial
  • IMG_2325
    Entrance to the camp
  • IMG_2335
  • IMG_2338
    Original overs in the crematorium
  • IMG_2339
    The "shower room"
  • IMG_2383
    Offices and archive
  • IMG_2380
    The reconstructed barracks
  • IMG_2352
    Marking of where the barracks formerly stood
  • IMG_2373
    "Camp street"
  • IMG_2336
    Memorial stone in the Ash Garden
  • IMG_2334
    Menora in the Ash Garden
  • IMG_2330
    Stream and wishing well
  • IMG_2395
    Glid's Memorial - Human Barbed Wire
  • IMG_2365
    The Jewish memorial
  • IMG_2350
    Protestant Church of Reconciliation
  • IMG_2376
    The Catholic chapel
  • IMG_2348
    The Orthodox chapel
  • IMG_2357
    Entrance to the Carmelite monastery
  • IMG_2384
    International memorial plaques
  • IMG_2385
    French memorial plaque from 1965
  • IMG_2387
    Competition for the creation of a monument
  • IMG_2391
    A post-war ceremony on Camp street
  • IMG_2393
    Model of Glid's monument
  • IMG_2377
    Signs to the chapel and to the monastery
  • IMG_2358
    Entrance to the monastery
  • IMG_2345
    Visitors outside the crematorium
  • IMG_2328
    Marking of where the barracks formerly stood
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  1. October 14, 2015

    […] is definitely one such moment – as is his off-handed thought of sending a studio employee to Dachau. I also enjoyed his brief monologue lamenting that the German people did not destroy everything […]

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